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PD Hammermill Spare Parts is producer of all the spareparts for the (hammer)milling industries. We produce the hammers, screens, mixerpaddles en axles for the (hammer)mills which are used for producing (animal)feed, Biomass and recyclingindustries.

On this website you can find  all the information regarding our activities. If you have any questions at all feel free to contact us: (link naar contactpagina).

Started in 2004 as PD Hammermill Spare Parts, PD Hammermill Spare parts has become a leading manufacturer of all types of spareparts.  PD Hammermill Spare parts concentrates on the wearparts of the pelleting industries, especially the hammers, screens, axles and paddles.

PD Hammermill Spare parts have a own Gas-furnace and 2 chamber-furnaces. Therefore we can produce the products in a short time, if necessary.

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